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Simply Therapeutic Products

Touch of Life Massage and Doula Care is proud to announce our new Simply Therapeutic Products line where we have created a growing line of healthy all-natural products for you to purchase. We currently offer our Lip Balm, Salve, Body Butter, Massage Candle, Specialty Oil and Spray product lines, but continue to add more all the time! We have setup a new Product Shopping Site to sell all of our new products!

Lip Balm (Tube)   Lip Balm (Jar)   Salve   Magnesium Body Butter   Massage Candle   Specialty Oil    Spray

Please, go take a look, place your orders, and tell us what you think! Enjoy the benefits of these great all-natural products for yourself today!

We are now able to offer the purchasing of Gift Vouchers/Certificates through our Product Site as well. These can be used towards Simply Therapeutic Products or towards the purchase of any massage at Touch of Life Massage and Doula Care. If you have any questions regarding any of these changes please feel free to contact us.

Simply Therapeutic Products by Touch of Life Massage and Doula Care