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Client Testimonials

"Hi Susan

I had a wonderful experience! Massage was very much relaxing and soothing as well as extremely helpful with my chronic lower back pain. It was exactly was I was looking for, thank you!"

Name withheld at clients request



I had a fantastic experience and very much enjoyed the stone therapy massage I received. It was exactly what I needed to relieve my back pain and relax the rest of me as well! The added aromatherapy really helped as well! I have already scheduled my next appointment online and can't wait to get back on the table! Thank you!!!"




If it wasn't for having you there as my doula, I would not have been able to achieve the kind of birth that I wanted. The techniques you used on my back were amazing and made all the difference in the world. The emotional support that you provided was also phenomenal. I would highly recommend you as a birth doula to anyone"



"Hi Sue!

I was extremely happy with my experience at Touch of Life Massage! Professional, knowledgable and wonderfully relaxing! Thank you so much :) I will definitely be coming back!"