Touch of Life Massage and Doula Care
Take Time Out to Relax


Welcome to Touch of Life Massage and Doula Care. Here at Touch of Life I like to personally work with my clients to best determine their health and well-being needs. I am a Doula and have turned my business focus to helping pregnant women during and after their pregnancy by not only offering Doula services, but I also offer Prenatal/Postnatal Massage to help them relax prior to, during, and after labor.

My office is located at 1151 North Street in Pittsfield Massachusetts and is open by appointment only, so schedule your massage today.

I am always available to try and answer any questions you have regarding massage prior to, or even during your visit, so please help me help you, by asking any questions you may have to allow you the best massage experience possible.

Thank you,
Susan Poincelot MT

Susan Poincelot MT